Comprehensive Guide: 2024 JAMB Syllabus, Exam Date, Registration Fees, Dates, Registration, Result, and Novel

Comprehensive Guide: 2024 JAMB Syllabus, Exam Date, Registration Fees, Dates, Registration, Result, and Novel.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is a Nigerian entrance examination board for tertiary-level institutions. The board conducts entrance Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination for prospective undergraduates into Nigerian universities.

JAMB registration starts January… Read for more update
Our team have finally decided to come together and write a Complete and comprehensive Guide on 2024/2025 JAMB Registration that will be of great help to all prospective jamb candidate seeking to gain admission into any tertiary institution in Nigeria this year’s academic session.

Statistically It’s been on record that over two-thirds of jamb candidate who sit for jamb on yearly basis actually failed to secure an admission and also study their dream course. And this failures has been attributed to lack of information.

We don’t want you to be a victim, that is why you must read this complete guide from A to Z.

  • 2024 JAMB Syllabus
  • 2024 JAMB exam date
  • 2024 JAMB registration fees
  • 2024 JAMB registration
  • 2024 JAMB Novel
  • 2024 JAMB Results

JAMB boss has made it very clear that everything must be put in their rightful place before the commencement of the exams.

However we can still guess accurately when the registration and exams is to commence by taking into consideration past dates:- hence there is every likelihood that the commencement date is scheduled to hold by late February or early March

So, therefore, this vital information ought to ring a bell that the much anticipated JAMB 2024/2025 is just at the corner.
UTME Exam starts

2024/2025 JAMB SYLLABUS For All Subjects (Pdf Download)

2024/2025 JAMB SYLLABUS For All Subjects (Pdf Download)
Jamb Logo

On this page is Jamb Syllabus 2024 for all subjects which you can download directly from here to your mobile phone or personal computer (PC) in PDF format.

As a candidate getting ready for the Jamb 2024 examination and really working hard to pass the CBT examination, Syllabus is the most important thing you need as it guides you in the area of study.

The jamb syllabus is a document that outlines the specific topics and subjects that will be covered on the Jamb exam. The Jamb syllabus is typically published by Jamb on its official website and can be accessed by students who are preparing for the exam.

The Jamb syllabus is an important study tool, as it provides a clear overview of the topics and subjects that students need to be familiar with in order to do well on the exam.

It’s important to note that the Jamb syllabus may vary slightly depending on the year and other factors, so it’s always best to check the official Jamb website for the most up-to-date information.

Download All 2024 JAMB Syllabus here

Is Jamb 2024/2025 Syllabus Out?

Yes, the complete Jamb Syllabus 2024/2025 is now available for download in PDF format for all subjects here on our website

How Can I Prepare for Jamb 2024?

Obtain and study the topics outlined in the 2024 Jamb Syllabus for your 4 chosen subjects, study past questions, attend Jamb tutorials for the 2024 Jamb CBT examination, read the recommended textbooks for the subjects you will be taking on the exam, and also attend CBT practice.

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2024 JAMB exam date (Key Dates for 2024 JAMB Exam)

2024 JAMB exam date (Key Dates for 2024 JAMB Exam)

2024 UTME Official Timetable:

Key Dates you need to Know, Mark your calendar!!!

1. JAMB 2024 Registration Date 14th January 2024
2. JAMB Registration Deadline 14th February 2024
3. JAMB 2024 Registration Fee N4,700
4. JAMB 2024 Novel The Life Changer
5. JAMB 2024 Reprinting Date 29th April 2024
6. JAMB 2024 Mock Exam Date 20th April 2024
7. JAMB 2024 Examination Date 29th April 2024
  1. The registration for JAMB 2024/2025 UTME and Direct Entry will commence on the 14th of January 2024.
  2. The deadline for 2024 JAMB registration is set for the 14th of February 2024.
  3. The registration fee for JAMB 2024/2025 UTME and Direct Entry is N4,700.
  4. The prescribed novel for the 2024/2025 UTME is “The Life Changer” by Khadija Abubakar Jalli. 
  5. The reprinting of JAMB examination slip will commence on 29th of April 2024.Candidates are required to reprint their slips to know their examination date, time, and venue.
  6. The mock examination for JAMB 2024/2025 UTME will take place on the 20th of April 2024. This is an optional exam that candidates can choose to participate in.
  7. JAMB 2024/2025 UTME will commence on 29th of April 2024 and will run until the 12th of May 2024. Candidates are advised to prepare adequately for the examination.

When will the JAMB 2024 start?

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has announced the registration period for the 2024 UTME and DE exams, which will run from January 14th to February 14th, 2024.

2024 Jamb Registration fees Price, Cost of Jamb 2024 Utme Form

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Jamb Registration for 2024 begins on January 14th and ends on the 22nd  of February 2024. Jamb CBT 2023 starts on the 25th of April 2024 and ends on the 2nd of May 2023.

We will be discussing about the cost of JAMB 2024 Utme Form fees, continue Reading…

Cost of 2024/2025 JAMB Form

Please kindly Check the table we provided below for the current price of the JAMB form for UTME and DE Candidates:

Items Amount (₦)
UTME Application Fee 3,500
Compulsory Reading Textbook. 500
CBT (Examination) Service Charge 1,000
Registration Centre Service Charge 700
CBT Centre Service Charge with Mock 2,700
CBT Centre Service Charge without Mock 1,700
Grand Total With Mock 6,700
Grand Total Without Mock

How long does it take to pay?

Our candid advise to prospective candidates is not to wait but to rush and obtain the jamb form immediately the forms are available and portal is open online for registration. This will help you all to chose a well suitable center that is not only close to you but has all basic requirements up to date.

As you go about your registration process its best to understand the basic on how to operate a computer like clicking of mouse. Just ensure you do everything possible to familiarized oneself with the system.


As expected, jamb said that interested candidates for this year’s jamb should get a unique phone number which will be use for processing of the registration.
Dont make use of phone number used by other persons in the past to register for JAMB. Rather make use of your phone number because according to Jamb this number will be used to identify you.

Candidate taking jamb at the point of registering jamb will have to send their ( his or her) NIN. This should be sent via SMS to 55019. Remember to send the above making use of your phone number and not the number belonging to someone else.

How this should be done – type NIN leave space type your NIN number then send to 55019 e.g NIN 00123456789
Note: for this to work without error ensure that there is a space between “NIN” and the 11 digit number. Finally this NIN must belong to you only and not the one used by someone else for jamb registration.

If everything goes well then you will receive your jamb profile code and it will come as SMS. this JAMB profile code will be 10 characters. Please take note.

Candidates should note that the phone number used to create and receive jamb profile code wont be used by any other person again but it has become tied to their details such as jamb reg number, jamb profile and code etc.

JAMB Candidate that have gotten their profile code by now should presents the profile code they have received as sms at any point they chose to purchase the jamb form. (Banks, MMOs, MFBs, Switches, USSD Partners).

Once payment is made for jamb forms an ePin will be sent to the candidate. This E-pin will be delivered by sms and not any other means as instructed by jamb.

Now gotten your jamb E-pin? Good job; now visit the nearest jamb registration center, then present this E-pin to them. They will use it to process your registration for you at a fee.

No candidates will be allowed by the new system put in place by jamb to complete his or her application unless such a candidate should be able to complete the compulsory biometric (all ten fingers).

The ten fingerprint are to be fully captured by the system. Another important aspect is uploading of candidates photograph then after that the forms could be processed and at the end the e-registration slip should be printed.

Jamb has made it very clear that Only candidates that were able to meet the biometrics verification criteria and requirements will be permitted to enter the examination hall and sit for the exams

Finally: any Candidates that has any challenges that has to do with biometric can only register at JAMB headquarters Abuja

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The jamb registration form is 3500 naira flat rate please have it in mind that bank are going to charge you a token for bank service fee and you are to process your form at an accredited center for 700 naira. Just budget for 8000 to cover everything. foreign Centres: $20

2024/2025 Jamb mock exam holds March ; things to know about jamb mock click here

2024 JAMB Novel | Use of English

Are you preparing for your JAMB UTME CBT examination in 2024/2025? The Nigerian Examination Council (JAMB) has officially recommended the novel ‘The Life Changer’ written by Khadija Abubakar Jalli as the set book for the Use of English subject in the upcoming examination.

‘The Life Changer’ is a novel that follows the stories of various characters as they navigate through different challenges and obstacles in life. The book teaches valuable lessons about the power of determination, the importance of self-belief, and the strength that comes from within. It also highlights the importance of making the right choices, as the characters’ actions have a significant impact on their lives.

The novel is divided into four chapters, each of which tells a different story. In chapter one, we are introduced to Bint, a young girl who faces an intrusive Social studies teacher and handles the situation with intelligence and grace. Chapter two tells the story of Ummi, a young woman who gains admission into the university. She tells her children about the freedom and carefree life of students in the university, and how her admission changed her. Chapter three tells the story of Talle, a boy who is considered a good person by the villagers, but gets involved in a kidnapping and extortion scheme that leads to his arrest and imprisonment. In chapter four, the story of Salma is further explored, as she goes to the level coordinator to have her forms signed, and her interactions with Dr. Debo highlight her pompous attitude and tendency to bribe lecturers.

As you can see, the novel provides an excellent study tool for JAMB candidates and teaches valuable life lessons about the consequences of corruption and the importance of integrity.

To help you with your preparation, we have made a free PDF download of the novel available for you. With this, you can easily access the novel and use it as a study tool for your JAMB UTME CBT examination.

Haven’t registered for Jamb yet? Click here for a step-by-step guide on how to register for Jamb 2024 UTME examination.

2024 JAMB Results Dates | How To Check JAMB Results

you might ask “Has JAMB released the results ?” that’s the question in every candidate lips right now that wrote this year’s jamb exam.

So we have put this article, to help everyone to be able to check what their total score is and how to Print the results notification.

Note : As JAMB starts releasing results of candidates who have written their exam results . It’s best you check yours now using this few simple steps outlined right here now!!!

2024 JAMB Results Dates | How To Check JAMB Results

How to Check 2023/2024 jamb result

  • send UTMERESULT, via SMS, to 55019 or 66019 using the same number used for registration
  • Sign into your profile
  • Or
  • Enter your Registration
  • Click check result
  • Or Send RESULT to 55019 as SMS

How to Check 2023/2024 JAMB Result With SMS via 55019?

  1. Type RESULT
  2. Send it to 55019
  3. Wait for few few minutes to get a response.
  4. SMS charges is 50 naira.

Instructions from JAMB

All candidates that wrote this year’s jamb exam can simply send RESULT, via SMS, to 55019
note: mtn, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile etc will work using this code.

If your details are correct, and it is the number used to register for JAMB then you should receive an SMS instantly.

If you did not get a response, please wait and try again some other times.

The above is the correct format. anywhere you do not understand please do let us know. we are here to help, guide you to resolve all your issues concerning jamb.

I didn’t see my 2023/2024 JAMB results after sending RESULT to 55019:

Actually, There are some possible reasons that made jamb unable to send you your jamb result :
we understand that candidates faces this issue regularly and its a very big concern to everyone.

  • First, have you checked to see if your are making use of the right SIM or phone number that was used to register your jamb. Jamb has made it clear that only that SIM can access your result.
  • Secondly, a minimum balance of 50 naira should be on your sim. this will be deducted for service charges.
  • Lastly, check if you type the word RESULT in capital letter. if you didn’t do that then you won’t get any response.

check JAMB result here now

The JAMB Result and everything about the results irrespective of when you wrote the exam will be tracked on this page. so kindly stay in touch with us because we are updating the page with relevant information.


Do you know that jamb has uploaded the results of those that wrote on day 1 and day 2 and so forth? if you wrote your exam Tuesday , Saturday & Monday and so forth just check your result now.

check your JAMB result here now click here

here is what candidates of this year’s jamb are asking. is Jamb result for jamb candidates that sat for the exams Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday out?

some are asking why the delay?
well jamb has every reason and right to delay the result. the constitution gives them the power to investigate candidates performance.

But immediately they are through with what they are doing. just check your result and see your score.

How can I check my Jamb result fast and quickly?

We have put all necessary information on how you can check your jamb result fast or sharp sharp. just follow the instructions.

Please note that, jamb officials are doing everything possible to ensure that results are properly scrutinised before they are being released.

they want to retain the integrity of the exam body by making sure that those with questionable results are identified and dealt with.

So that is why you have to be patient with the exam body a little more. although result have been uploaded right from the very first day the first exam was concluded.

according to jamb, This year’s jamb is the best. they made this known to newsmen, according to jamb they said they only recorded few hitches here and there. they also said that candidates who couldn’t write or miss out due to technical difficulties will be given an opportunity to write the exam again.

Final thoughts on how to check JAMB result

In conclusion, checking your jamb result is straightforward. yes you can do it, follow the guidelines. you don’t need to pay anyone to help you on that.

Ensure that you immediately print the slip of the result. it’s good to have a copy of your or better still have it saved in your mail where you can print it at any time.

Remember that anything your total score is, remains final. jamb does not upgrade, update or do any changes again. always be careful of those who says they can help you contact someone in jamb office to change your score. it can’t be done.

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