How to use a Computer to Answer Questions on the JAMB CBT exam | Tips and Guides

How to use a computer to answer questions on the JAMB CBT exam | Tips and Guides

Learn how to answer JAMB questions on a computer as one of the crucial preparations for the next JAMB Computer Based Exam (CBT) approaches for applicants.

One of the most crucial preparations for candidates as the JAMB Computer Based Exam (CBT) approaches is learning how to respond to JAMB questions on a computer.

You shouldn’t worry about it because it’s simple, which is wonderful news.

One of the easiest things a JAMBite may ever have to do is use a computer to answer questions. However, as some of you are not accustomed to CBT exams, you may be searching for instructions on how to utilise a computer to answer JAMB questions. Allow me to provide you with the information you require.

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  • JAMB CBT exam mode
  • How to answer the JAMB questions
    • The question screen
    • The mouse and pointer
      • Basic navigation with the mouse
  • JAMB CBT tips
  • Conclusion

JAMB CBT Exam mode

Many things have changed since the JAMB Computer-Based Test (CBT) was introduced.

The proper amount of work was placed into computerising many aspects of JAMB, and this resulted in the establishment of CBT exams as well as other features including CAPs for admission and associated topics and an interactive online brochure.

However, there is a small problem with this beneficial development in that in order to fully benefit from it, fresh batches of JAMB students who are not accustomed to computers and other JAMB facilities must learn about them and comprehend how they operate.

My goal is to assist the students in comprehending how to use a computer to answer CBT questions.

Whether it’s the Post-UTME or JAMB CBT

How to use a computer to answer JAMB questions

You will be given a computer to use during your JAMB CBT exam, which is why it is called a computer-based test (CBT) in the first place.

Advice: If this type of test is unfamiliar to you, don’t worry; it’s very simple.

You can relax knowing that everything will be configured for you and that you won’t need to worry about any technical difficulties with system configuration. Your job is to concentrate on the exam, respond to the questions, and leave.

I’ll give you some tips on how to proceed with the questions, what the screen might look like, how to click, and other strategies so that you can complete the JAMB CBT exam without making any mistakes.

NOTE: There is no guarantee that your screen will be identical to the ones shown in this post. But in general, the ideas are the same.

The question screen

By the question screen, I mean the questions you see on the computer when you start the JAMB CBT exam.

Questions will be loaded for you on the screen and the image below is just an example of what the question screen might look like (please note that your CBT screen may be different from this, but the logic is simply the same):

How to use a Computer to Answer Questions on the JAMB CBT exam | Tips and Guides
How to use a Computer to Answer Questions on the JAMB CBT exam | Tips and Guides

In the image above, you have the question and options A, B, C and D as expected (just similar to the paper and pencil exam).

But apart from the questions and options, you can see other information on the screen, including:

  • the current subject
  • time given for the entire exam
  • navigation buttons

Although some are self-explanatory here is what they mean:

The current subject: this is the subject you are answering at the moment. Remember you have four JAMB subjects to answer questions on.

So, if for example, you are answering questions on the Use of English at the moment, that will appear as the current subject.

Time: this shows the time you started the exam.

Time Left: time left is the total time given MINUS time spent. In other words, it is how long before the time is up for your JAMB CBT test. So, try to answer all the questions you can and click any options for all the ones you are sure you don’t know the answers to before your time elapses.

In some CBT exams, you may see the total time given (instead of the start time) and the time left. Whichever one, who cares. Just focus on your exam and pay attention to the time left.

Navigation buttons

The navigation buttons help you move back and forth between questions and other options.

You can move to the following or previous question using the navigation buttons.

The mouse is your primary tool for navigating the questions; all you need to do is click on the desired action.

To click, look at the mouse below:

The mouse and pointer

The mouse is the device you use to navigate the questions during your JAMB CBT test. Depending on the CBT software, you can also use buttons.

The image below describes a mouse:

how to use JAMB CBT computer mouse
how to use JAMB CBT computer mouse

Basic navigation with the mouse

Left click: From the image above showing the mouse, “Left Click” is used to select whatever action you wish to perform.

For example, if you want to move to the next question, just bring the pointer (shown below) to the button that says “Next…” and press the left button and that will take you to the next question.


How to use a Computer to Answer Questions on the JAMB CBT exam | Tips and Guides
Computer pointer

The pointer shows you the location of the screen you are on. All you have to do is move your mouse and the pointer will move in the direction you move your mouse.

For example, you can move the pointer to the Calculator button and left-click to select/launch the calculator.

Right Click: This is used to view available options. When you right-click, the computer will show you available options.

But note: these options may have nothing to do with your JAMB CBT test. So, use right-click with caution.

Basically, all the options for your JAMB CBT test will be there on your screen. I don’t expect functionalities that will require a right click.

Scroll wheel: this is the circular part of the mouse. It is like a wheel and as the name implies, you can use it to scroll up or down the screen.

Assuming you are reading a passage and want to move up to the first paragraph, just rotate the scroll wheel in that direction and you can scroll up to the part of the screen you want. The same applies to scrolling down.


Alright, that is it, a guide on how to answer JAMB questions with the computer. If you have any questions, suggestions or contributions, please drop them in the comment box below. Thank you.

what Others Might find Helpful

How to answer JAMB questions using computer

These steps should be followed in order to use a computer to answer JAMB (Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board) questions:

  1. Log In: Access the JAMB portal using a computer with an internet connection.
  2. Navigate to the Exam Section: Once logged in, locate the section for taking exams or practice tests.
  3. Read Instructions: Make sure to read all instructions provided before starting the exam.
  4. Select Answers: Use the mouse or touchpad to click on the appropriate option for each question. You can usually select answers by clicking on a circle or checkbox next to the option.
  5. Save Progress: Many computer-based exams allow you to save your progress. Use this feature to your advantage, especially if you’re unsure about an answer.
  6. Review Answers: After completing all the questions, review your answers if time allows. Ensure you’ve answered every question to the best of your ability.
  7. Submit Your Exam: When you’re confident with your answers, look for a “Submit” button. Click it to finalize your choices.
  8. Confirmation: Confirm that you want to submit your exam. This step helps prevent accidental submissions.

Keep in mind to remain composed and concentrated throughout the exam. To choose the best response, carefully read each question and take your time. Inform the exam proctor or support staff right away if you experience any technical problems.

Always follow the instructions provided on the official portal because the specific steps may change depending on the platform and software used by JAMB at the time of your exam.

What is JAMB Secret

The term “JAMB secret” doesn’t have a well-established meaning in legalese. However, there are times when people will make mention of specific tactics they feel will help them perform better on JAMB exams. It’s crucial to remember that thorough studying, preparation, and knowledge of the subject matter are the best ways to approach any exam.


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