JAMB Syllabus for Music 2024 /2025 PDF Download | Free Access

JAMB Syllabus for Music 2024 /2025 PDF Download | Free Access, JAMB Syllabus for Music 2024 /2025 PDF Download | Free Access, JAMB Syllabus for Music 2024 /2025 PDF Download | Free Access.

As the academic session for 2024/2025 approaches, students preparing for the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) examination are on the lookout for resources to aid their preparation. One of the most essential resources for any student is the JAMB syllabus for the subject they are writing. In this post, we will focus on the JAMB Music syllabus for the 2024/2025 academic session.


The JAMB syllabus for Music serves as a guide for students, providing an outline of the topics and subtopics that will be covered in the examination. This allows students to know what to expect and plan their studies accordingly. The syllabus is divided into four main sections: Music Theory and History, Music Appreciation and Analysis, Music Performance and Technique, and Music Education and Technology.

Jamb Syllabus for Music 2024/2025


  1. The Staff
  2. Music Notes/Rests and their corresponding values
  3. Time/Time Signature
  4. A – Key signatures and scales, B – Determination of the key of a piece of music with or without key signature NOT exceeding two sharps and two flats.
  5. (a) Keyboard setting and enharmonic equivalents, (b) Accidentals
  6. Intervals
  7. Definition of simple musical terms, signs, and abbreviations.
  8. (a) Transcription of music from staff into tonic solfa notation and vice-versa. (b) Transposition using the treble (G) and bass (F) staves NOT exceeding two sharps and two flats.


  1. Triads and their inversions in major/minor keys
  2. Basic chord progressions in four parts
  3. Kinds of motion
  4. Cadences in major keys
  5. Non-harmonic tones / Non-chord tones
  6. Modulation
  7. Elementary Composition


  1. Nigerian folksongs, types, forms, and characteristics.
  2. General knowledge of the features and forms of Nigerian traditional music and other arts, including festivals, dances, and other arts.
  3. Nigerian traditional musical instruments and their classifications.
  4. Knowledge of the lives and music of African traditional musicians, with a focus on Nigerian musicians.
  5. Evolution and Development of African Popular Music
  6. Knowledge of the lives and music of the African Popular Musicians
  7. Knowledge of the lives and music of the African Art Musicians


  1. (A) Historical development of Western music styles in respect of the periods, B. COMPOSERS


  • An overview of the following black musicians (composers, performers, etc) in the diaspora. Mighty Sparrow, James Brown, Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, R. Kelly, Lorrinan Hill, Kirk Franklin, Tupac Shakur, Shabba Ranks, Quincy Jones, Boyz II Men, Sean Paul, Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, Beyonce, Brandy, Usher, Kevin Lyttle, Bobby Brown, M. C. Hammer, L. L. Cool J., Dr. Dre, Snoop Doggy, Mary J. Blige, Jay Z, Chris Brown, Bruno Mars, Neo, Rihanna, etc.
  • Forms to be examined include spirituals, gospel music, jazz, rhythm and blues, soul, calypso, rock ‘n’ roll, reggae, afro-beat, tango, rap, chachacha, bolero, twist, hip-hop, etc.
  • The spirit of nationalism in Nigerian music.

Download the JAMB Syllabus for Music 2024/2025

To help you prepare effectively for the examination, we have provided a downloadable PDF version of the JAMB syllabus for Music for the 2024/2025 academic session. You can download the syllabus by clicking on the link below:


Exam Preparation

In addition to familiarizing yourself with the JAMB syllabus, it’s also essential to understand the examination format. The JAMB examination for Music is divided into two parts: objective and theory. The objective part is designed to test your knowledge of Music theory and history, while the theory part tests your ability to appreciate and analyze music.

To prepare for the examination, it’s advisable to consult with your music teacher or lecturer for a more detailed understanding of the syllabus. You can also refer to recommended textbooks and past questions and answers for the JAMB examination in Music.

JAMB 2024 Syllabus at Your Fingertips: Find All Subjects Here


In conclusion, the JAMB Music syllabus is a valuable resource for candidates preparing for the JAMB exam. By understanding the syllabus, studying past questions, practicing with Music materials, and seeking guidance from a tutor or joining a study group, candidates can improve their performance in the Music section of the JAMB exam and increase their chances of success.

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