Steps to check NECO Result online | NECO result portal

Steps to check NECO result online | NECO result portal, Steps to check NECO result online | NECO result portal.

Steps to check NECO result online

To check your NECO result, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the NECO Result Portal: Go to the official NECO result checking portal at
  2. Select Examination Type: Choose the examination type. For example, “June/July.”
  3. Select Year of Examination: Choose the year of the examination. In this case, select “2023.”
  4. Select Exam Body and Exam Year: Choose the exam body as “NECO” and the examination year.
  5. Enter Your Token: Input your exam number and NECO result checking token. This information is usually provided on your NECO scratch card.
  6. Enter Registration Number: Input your registration number. This is the unique number given to you during the registration process.
  7. Click on “Check Result”: After entering all the required information, click on the “Check Result” button.
  8. View Your Result: Your NECO result will be displayed on the screen. You can now view, print, or save it for your records.

Remember to keep your token and registration number secure to maintain the confidentiality of your results. If you encounter any issues during this process, refer to the official NECO website or contact NECO support for assistance.

The process I outlined is the official procedure provided by NECO for checking results online. It’s considered the standard and recommended way to access your NECO results. If you have any specific concerns or issues with this process, it’s advisable to contact NECO support for further assistance.

NECO result portal (

Steps to check NECO Result online | NECO result portal

The official NECO result portal is This is the designated website where candidates can check their NECO examination results. It’s important to use the official portal to ensure the accuracy and security of your results.

The NECO result portal is a secure online platform provided by the National Examinations Council (NECO) for candidates to access their examination results. Here are a few additional points about the NECO result portal:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The portal is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for candidates to navigate and check their results.
  2. Access to Different Examinations: The portal allows candidates to check results for various NECO examinations, including June/July, GCE (General Certificate Examination), and BECE (Basic Education Certificate Examination).
  3. Result Verification: In addition to checking results, the portal may also offer a result verification service, allowing institutions or employers to verify the authenticity of NECO results.
  4. Result Printing: After checking their results, candidates can usually print out a copy for their records. This printed copy can be used for various purposes, including admission into higher institutions.
  5. Important Notices and Updates: The portal may also provide important announcements, news, and updates related to NECO examinations.
  6. Support and FAQs: Candidates who encounter any issues or have questions about the result-checking process can often find helpful information and frequently asked questions (FAQs) on the portal.

Remember to always use the official NECO result portal to check your results, and exercise caution when providing personal information online. If you encounter any difficulties, it’s advisable to seek help from NECO’s official support channels. Click here

NECO result checking pin

Steps to check NECO Result online | NECO result portal

The NECO result checking pin, also known as a NECO scratch card, is a unique alphanumeric code provided to candidates. It is used to access and check the results of NECO examinations on the official NECO result portal. The pin is typically concealed by a scratch-off layer to maintain its confidentiality.

Here are the steps to use a NECO result checking pin:

  1. Visit the official NECO result portal:
  2. Select the type of examination (e.g., June/July).
  3. Choose the examination year (e.g., 2023).
  4. Enter your NECO exam number and the NECO result checking pin from the scratch card.
  5. Input your registration number.
  6. Click on “Check Result.”

The portal will then process the information and display your NECO examination results. Remember to keep your NECO result checking pin confidential to protect the security of your results. Once used, a NECO scratch card can no longer be used to check results again. If you encounter any issues or have questions about the result-checking process, it’s advisable to contact NECO’s official support channels for assistance.


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