2024 WAEC Expo | 2024 WAEC Runs | 2024 WAEC Questions and Answers

2024 WAEC Expo | 2024 WAEC Runs | 2024 WAEC Questions and Answers
2024 WAEC Expo | 2024 WAEC Runs | 2024 WAEC Questions and Answers: This platform has been created to assist all candidates with the 2024 Waec Expo,

It is no longer news that candidates make use of assistance to attain a high score in their Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (WAEC) West African Examinations Council (WASSCE).

This article will answer all frequently asked questions for the 2024 WAEC Expo, 2024 WAEC Runz, and 2024 WAEC WASSCE Questions and Answers.

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Legit WAEC Runz Website

Classloaded.Net has remained the legit WAEC Runz website for the 2024 WAEC Expo. Thus, this Classloaded has the highest number of subscribers each year. All candidates who subscribe to Classloaded always attain excellent results. Classloaded has been the best WAEC Runz website for years whose sole aim is to ensure that all candidates attain an excellent result in one sitting.

Is there Anything like WAEC Runz (Expo)

Yes, WAEC Runz (Expo) exists. It has been ongoing for years. Classloaded remains the most reliable website for the 2024 WAEC Expo (Runz). We hereby, advise all candidates to subscribe to Classloaded to ensure that they make their results in one sitting.

WAEC Runz exists but WAEC Questions and Answers CANNOT be delivered directly to you a week or 3/4 days before the exam. This has been one of the most popular demands from most desperate aspirants. WAEC Questions and Answers cannot be delivered to you weeks before exam, We hereby urge all candidates to desist from any website or people stating otherwise. Candidates who subscribe to anyone to receive their WAEC Expo a week before exam are doing so at their own risk.

Best WAEC Runz Website

Classloaded has remained the best WAEC Runz website for years. Classloaded is the most substantial examination website with years of excellent records. We have been responsible for solving and compiling all examination questions and answers, and other examination material.

Candidates who are opportune to subscribe to Classloaded always make their results in one sitting. We have no record of massive failure, withheld results, and understanding of results. We use a strategy to ensure that all our candidates make their results on sitting without any issues.

Is WAEC Expo True (Real) or Fake?

Yes, WAEC Runz is 100% real. Classloaded is the most reliable 2024 WAEC Expo website for aspirants sitting for the 2024 WAEC Examination.

With years of past results and testimonies, Classloaded has always retained excellent records. We are only responsible for our candidates and our main objective is to ensure that we deliver accurate, faster, reliable, and valid services. Our candidate’s success is our priority.


Further Maths

Office Practice
Civic Education Compulsory
Data Processing
Physical Health Education
Health Science
Animal Husbandry
Book Keeping
Computer Studies
Health Education

Animal Husbandry


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Imagine when you pay N100,000 above for school fees, accommodation, school uniforms if you are an external student and equally feed yourself during the period of the WAEC SSCE examination which lasts for one month plus as the case maybe. Then tell me the reason why you wont spend N7,000 to our Exam help desk so as to ascertain a very good grades like A1 & B2 and equally save you the stress of going through the whole process,time and money you exhausted for these goal.

In some circumstances some students complain of not having Up To subscription fee, We pay alot to get those materials and solvers as well but that wont stop us from helping students likewise being considerate and funds shouldn’t be a barrier to your success, all you need do is to chat us on WhatsApp and probably get a discount on the price of subscription. we wouldn’t want to leave anyone behind knowing how the Nigeria economy is at the moment so feel free to chat us up immediately do not be discouraged because its your future. Remember that every institution and universities in Nigeria offers students with good grades like A1 and B2 admission first before considering those with C4 so do the right thing.

Do you know that about 1.5 million candidates write WAEC every year

Out of those 1.5 million, less than 30% pass every year. That is not all. Out of the 30% that pass, only a little bit above 10% gain admission. Why? Because there are limited slots available in Universities, as such, these institutions would only admit few students that have the best results. Are you aware that they were lots of failure as at last year may/june WAEC due to few students believe free WAEC Answers are the best not knowing that no real thing is cheap and thereby going viral and decreasing the quality of the answers making it easy for waec to detect that student copied themselves thereby failing all that used free answers, we made sure all our subscribers had a total different answers and that made it possible for our subscribers to scale through that tragedy. So i will advice you to go ahead and source money then come and pay for your WAEC runz to us so you can come out with flying colors without repeating the exam come may/june WAEC 2024 expo. Do not let 5,000 for Answer page or 7,000 for Whatsapp Delivery to hinder you, do what you have to do to be victorious. Lets be honest with you read this and know the truth today, 2024 WAEC will be so hard! due to last year massive failure. Remember, it is different from your school exams where the teachers you know set your questions. The honest truth is that if you Pass or Fail, Nigeria does not care! WAEC will only be happy to collect your money for registration again next year. Use your head! and be wise!


    1. You are automatically a VIP.
    2. You will get special attention from us
    3. You will be registered on our Database where you can Confirm your subjects to make sure there is no mistake on your subjects
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SCAM ALERT: Many People Copied Our WAEC SSCE 2020,2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, AND 2019,2021,2022,2023 Answers/Proof to Deceive Innocent Nigerians.

How can I Receive WAEC Expo (Runs) Questions and Answers Before the Exam

To receive the 2024 WAEC Expo (Runz) Questions and Answers before the scheduled examination time, interested candidates will have to subscribe to their preferred package at Classloaded.net Candidates who subscribe to Classloaded.net can be assured of receiving their accurate 2024 WAEC Expo questions and answers before the scheduled examination time.


A WAEC Pin/Password Code is a unique number assigned to a subscriber by an administrator which will grant the subscriber access to register on a database for the 2024 WAEC each subject Expo.

Each Pin/Password Code can be used by more than one candidate to check  answers on the answerpage and can be shared but can never be forged.

The WAEC answerpage store’s answers for that particular subject only. Information required on the WAEC answer page from each candidate:

AnswersPage: www.classloaded.net/answers

    1. Full Name
    2. 9/8 WAEC Registered Subjects
    3. Email/ Phone Number
    4. Date of payment
    5. Payment Receipt in an Image Format

NOTE: Only candidates who register to the WAEC will be able to receive their WAEC Questions and Answers before their scheduled examination time.

To register to the WAEC subscription, each candidate will be required to select a WAEC Expo Package (Normal Package or Whatsapp package) and subscribe to receive an Access PIN/PASSWORD from Classloaded Administrators.

How Does WAEC PASSWORD /PIN Code Runz Work?

Candidates are to visit and login to the waec answerpage using the correct PIN at www.classloaded.net/answers using an Pin/Password which will be delivered to each candidate after their payment has been confirmed.

We make use of an online database to store all answers for each subject with an integrated WAEC Link to solve and upload the questions and answers for each candidate without any errors which will be handled with educated staffs.

Candidates can access their particular accurate questions and answers 5-3 hours before the scheduled examination time at Classloaded.Net/Answers

How can I Get a WAEC Runs PIN/Password?

To obtain a WAEC Runz pin/passwordcandidates are required to select a package and subscribe to their preferred package. An pin code will be delivered via SMS or WhatsApp to all subscribers only.

FACTS: Many say it’s impossible to get WARC questions, but we assure you that it’s a possible fact provided you can meet its demands. The only difficult task we may encounter is the disjointed exam dates this is the only procedure that can delay us because we have many candidates to attend to.

We recommend candidates to subscribe for the WhatsApp VIP Package to avoid delays. Again, for the fact that you have seen this WAEC HELP SITE, it means you are fortunate this year.

Yes! we are true and committed to our words. We don’t toil on one’s future by confiding in their hard-earned money. Just give us a one-time trial and see for yourself! The subscription amount is not too much to afford when compared to what you achieve after the examination as we guarantee our candidates a minimum of 4B’s and 2A’s


Advice: Any Site that demands a little amount from you for the upcoming 2024 WAEC Examination may be trying to mislead you because they can’t demand that if they are out for 2024 WAEC which will be very tough but not for us.

WAEC 2024 Expo Mode of Payment

Chat Us on WhatsApp for Bank details: 09058738332

Text “I Need Bank Details”
Via SMS To 09058738332

Chat Us: Click Here to Chat Us on WhatsApp

(i) Depositor’s/Transfers Name
(ii) Amount Paid
(iii) Exam Name
(iv) Your Four Subjects
(v) Your Phone number.
(vi) WAEC Registration Number (if available)
Send TO The Number Below-
09058738332 Or Via SMS to 09058738332

You, Will, Receive A Confirmation SMS Shortly with Your WAEC PIN/PASSWORD  To all your subjects you paid for Classloaded.Net/Answers


(i) Your Name
(iii) Amount Paid
(iv) Your Four Subjects
(v) Your Phone number.
(vi) WAEC Registration Number (if available)
Send Via WhatsApp to the Number Below.
09058738332 Or Via SMS to 09058738332

You, Will, Receive A Confirmation SMS Shortly with Your WAEC PIN To Start Your Registration at Classloaded.Net/Answers

Steps to Receive 2024 WAEC Expo Answers

All 2024 WAEC Candidates are required to Login into www.Classloaded.Net/Anseers with the PIN/ PASSWORD Code assigned by the Admin to Register to To get your 2024 Waec expo Questions and Answers

LINK 1: Classloaded WAEC Link Where you are required to Log in with the PIN code sent to you by the Admin to VIEW your WAEC Expo which is already uploaded to Answer page Database. Each PIN/PASSWORD code can only be used by many candidates at a time to view answers. Click Here to Register with the WAEC PIN code

LINK 2: Classloaded WAEC WhatsApp Link where you are required to join in with your WAEC Registered WhatsApp Number on our whatsapp Channel  to get your Questions and Answers some hours before the exam on the Examination Day Click Here to join with your WAEC Registration WhatsApp Number

NOTICE: Sending WAEC Answers to you a week is Not Possible. Therefore, we urge candidates to disregard any website or blog stating otherwise to avoid being scammed. Take note, we are the only valid WAEC Expo, WAEC Assistance Portal.

How To Access WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers from our AnswerPage

Subscribe to the Answerpage plan to receive an PIN CODE. Each PIN can be used many times so candidate don’t have to panic of the pin/password getting expired on checking the page once. This means that you can check the answerspage as many times you wish by many candidates until we the admin terminate the pin from access the subject page, which we cannot do until the exams is done and dusted

  • Go to www.classloaded.net/Answers

Input the PIN you get from us ‘Enter Your PIN’ and view your Questions and Answers

NOTE: Don’t guess pin so you can get free Questions and Answers. If you continue guessing the PIN our bots will ban you from accessing the page forever. So it’s better to pay and get all your PIN without stress

Once you put the correct PIN/PASSWORD you will get access to that particular subject you entered the pin or password for, that’s how easy it is.

Important Notice to 2024 WAEC Candidates

Please Take Note of the Following:

(i) WAEC Questions and Answers Cannot be delivered to you a Day or anytime more than 5-3hours before your examination time. You can only receive your JAMB answers 5-3hours before the scheduled examination time.

(ii) WAEC questions Cannot be extracted using any known software for now and CANNOT be hacked using any TCM security software but CAN ONLY be gotten using the Offline Mode which can only be done by expertise like us. We have connections which we get questions from them and we solve and send to our subscribers.

(iii) WAEC answers Cannot be written by another person, I mean someone sitting for you we advise all candidates to seat for the exam your self, not that is not possible, its 100% possible and can be done by us but urge candidates to go for their exam

(iv) Beware of scammers creating and Editing fake ID cards using Pictures of unknown men to manipulate candidates into believing that they are WAEC staff. All Video calls from such individuals are being manipulated and are not real. Don’t be misled, a real WAEC staff cannot be seen online assuring candidates of receiving their  answers using his/her real facial identity.

2024 WAEC Expo | 2024 WAEC Runs | 2024 WAEC Questions and Answers Explained

Candidates who believe that WAEC Assistance (Runz) does not exist are either:

Candidates who paid someone to receive their WAEC Answers a week before exam which is not possible, most candidates get scammed through this. Take note!!!

Is WAEC Runz a scam? How Am I Sure This is Not a Scam?

NO! and can never Be! This depends on the website you subscribe to. We recommend using Classloaded.net. We have been responsible for assisting candidates for many years. The outgoing IJMB, WAEC, JUPEB, NECO, and NABTEB candidates felt our endless answers at midnight/hours before the exam.

Therefore, 3 hours before the examination is a rest assured time. Due to the questions and answers will be answered by expertise staffs, we’ll be uploading each candidate’s questions and answers sequentially to the time each candidate registered to our answerspage. We will never deliver anything that is not credible. Your success is our priority.

How Can I Receive My WAEC Questions and Answers?

To receive Your WAEC Questions and Answers on the examination day, you are required to log in to Classloaded.Net/Answers using your PIN/PASSWORD your Questions and answers 5hours or 3hour before the examination time. Therefore, there won’t be any need for E-mail, or SMS.

Is Classloaded.net Platform Legit?

All services we provide on this website are 100% real. We work with exam bodies in Nigeria and Schools. It is more than easier for us to operate and attend to all candidate’s needs online with full credibility and assurance.

Therefore, we urge all candidates to ensure that they subscribe early to enable them to receive their questions and answers earlier for their best interest.


NOTE: As a sequel to this, candidates are advised to use this opportunity to ensure that they make their results in one sitting. Opportunity doesn’t spend time with those who are unprepared. Procrastination only hinders opportunities.

Make use of this opportunity to ensure you make your results in one sitting to enable you to further your education in any higher institution of your choice. Contact us on WhatsApp at 09058738332  to subscribe.

Finally, WAEC cannot be handled and delivered on Facebook Groups or via E-mail. All questions and answers you will receive from these platforms for the WAEC are all fake. WAEC Answers cannot be delivered directly on the internet . Therefore, candidates are advised to make use of this opportunity to ensure they make their results in one sitting.

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