WAEC Syllabus for 2024/2025 Book Keeping PDF Download

WAEC Syllabus for 2024/2025 Book Keeping PDF Download: Bookkeeping is one of the subjects offered by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) for students who wish to pursue a career in accounting, finance, business, or related fields. Bookkeeping is the process of recording and summarizing the financial transactions of a business or an organization. It is an essential skill for anyone who wants to manage or understand the financial performance of a business.

In this blog post, I will provide you with the WAEC syllabus for bookkeeping for the 2024/2025 academic session. The syllabus contains the aims and objectives, scheme of the examination, topics, and notes for the bookkeeping exam. I will also provide you with some recommended textbooks and online resources that you can use to prepare for the exam.



The aim of the bookkeeping exam is to test the candidates’ basic knowledge of business activities and understanding of the financial systems for the purpose of establishing a business and laying a good foundation for further studies. The objectives of the exam are to assess the candidates’:

  • knowledge of basic skills required to start a business;
  • ability to appreciate the rules and functions of bookkeeping;
  • ability to apply the basic knowledge and skills in bookkeeping to modern business activities.


The bookkeeping exam consists of two papers, Papers 1 and 2, both of which are composite papers to be taken in one sitting.

  • Paper 1: This paper consists of 40 multiple-choice questions, all of which must be answered in 50 minutes for 40 marks.
  • Paper 2: This paper consists of two sections, Sections A and B, as follows:
    • Section A: This section covers the theory of bookkeeping and contains four questions. Candidates are required to answer two questions for 20 marks.
    • Section B: This section covers the practice of bookkeeping and contains five questions. Candidates are required to answer three questions for 60 marks.

The paper lasts for 2 hours.


Below is the complete verified list of topics in the WAEC Syllabus for Bookkeeping 2024/2025:

  1. Introduction to Bookkeeping
  2. Concepts and Conventions in Bookkeeping
  3. Books for Recording Original Transactions
  4. Ledger and the Basics of Double Entry
  5. Cash Record-Keeping with the Cash Book
  6. Reconciliation of Bank Statements
  7. Balancing the Books with Trial Balance
  8. Detecting and Correcting Errors in Financial Records
  9. Financial Statements for Sole Proprietors
  10. Making Adjustments to Financial Statements
  11. Managing Control Accounts
  12. Single Entry System and Handling Incomplete Records
  13. Accounting for Not-For-Profit Organizations
  14. Accounting for Manufacturing Activities
  15. Accounting for Partnerships
  16. Handling Joint Ventures in Accounting
  17. Managing Departmental and Branch Accounts
  18. Introduction to Company Financial Accounts
  19. Analyzing Financial Statements
  20. Acquiring a Business: Purchase Transactions
  21. Accounting for Consignment Transactions
  22. Understanding Hire Purchase Agreements
  23. Accounting for Contractual Arrangements
  24. Financial Accounting for Cooperatives


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The WAEC syllabus for bookkeeping is a useful guide for students who want to excel in the bookkeeping exam. It provides the candidates with the scope, content, and structure of the exam. It also helps the candidates to focus on the relevant topics and concepts that they need to master. By following the syllabus, the candidates can improve their chances of scoring high marks in the bookkeeping exam.

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